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Thanks for posting on my blog and oh my God, I hope that Steve Wozniak-signed floppy is encased in Lucite and hanging over your mantle! My dad was also an early technophile--we had the first "portable" video equipment in our neighborhood (it weighed about two tons!). Black and white, reel-to-reel, and each half-hour tape costs $40 so it costs us $160 to tape one movie off the TV!

I am envious of your homemade joysticks--did your computer make you as popular as our early video camera made us?


Funny enough, I like to make game controller extensions out of extra wire that my dad had lying around for various bizarre electrical contraptions he was always in the process of building. Typically these were hardly safe or even effective at lengthing my controllers from the TV-- and besides, I kind of liked sitting two-feet away from the 27" screen radiating all kinds of microwaves into my gentle, young, maleable brain.

My dad bought one of the very first Atari 2600's ever offered to the public. I admit that some kid's were be-bopping around with the Commodore 64's for a few years, but man! I had Pole Position! And that rad Indiana Jones game, too!

Wait. What? Mac's? What're those?


Unfortunately, the computer didn't do much to help my social life as a kid. I am glad to hear that at least someone was helped by their "early adaptor" fathers!

The closest my father's geekiness ever helped me was at a sleep over in the fourth grade. We had one of the early cordless phones, which all the girls loved because they could sneak off and hide in a closest when they called the boy of their choice. It got even better, when my father showed that he could pick up the phone conversation on his shortwave radio and broadcast the conversation in our living room.

One boy conversation later, and there was a fourth grade girl melee in our house!

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